March 29, 2007 § 11 Comments

How do you react when your ex calls you up at late midnight, while on vacation in some exotic seaside resort, miles from your place, and makes no sense at all! Oh and she’s totally out of her mind, with all the alcohol choking her senses, and asks “What you doing” like a dozen times, and I finally answer “I was sleeping, you just woke me up” [yeah I could be very mean]! What do you say when she blames you for inflating her phone bill thats roaming with her with the long chat, irrespective of the fact that she’s the only one talking?

Anyway, having a crazy ex is fun. You know that she’ll remember you firsthand when sloshed! And you know that you aren’t forgotten. I’m pleased!


Gender Bender

March 28, 2007 § 4 Comments

I don’t understand why sleeping with a random guy reflects exclusively on a woman’s ethos? Its got to be consequently (im)moral for both.

Why the impetuous frowning-on about adultery?

What’s the male equivalent of ‘slut’?

Provocative Renewal

March 27, 2007 § 6 Comments

Some things stay with you for life. Things that demand no formal argument for coexistence with your being. Writing could just be that for me. I’d decided to quit, for no particular reason, and a lot many if I thought about it. But then the itch got me. The urge to continue writing as I used to. I could say I’d lost many readers over a period of time on my last blog, which could have been one of the reasons to abandon writing altogether. Readers who knew me, and could positively relate to the exclusive peeks into the not-so private and personal life I endorsed on my previous blog.

But in time I realized I could not have a life sans blogging. I have anyways been a compulsive blogger forever, and hence I can’t hoodwink myself by forcibly drawing on myself the painful obligation that blogging could be!

Anyway, if writing completes me, then so be it. Hope we’ll have fun again my dear friends 🙂

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