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April 8, 2007 § 32 Comments

I wonder if writing is turning too much of a pain for me off late. I mean I’m so not running out of things to tell ..

Like last week when we went to this swank restaurant “Punjabi By Nature” in Vasant Vihar. Frankly speaking I wasn’t very keen on this place, considering that it was competing with A. D. Singh’s “Olive Kitchen and Bar”. In case you haven’t heard of the latter place and the person, I suggest you subscribe to The Times Of India. These people splash the who’s who and the where’s what of this city on page 3, and they do it well. Additionally, if you’re one with a taste for bizarre humor, then TOI is just perfect. Like the other day I was reading about this study done by some group regarding how most women feel shy to strip in front of their spouse, the unwillingness arising from the [oh dear God] ‘I’m fat’ paranoia! Kinda funny I think. And somewhat true probably. I remember my ex had certain reservations about undressing under the light! Though I really don’t understand what difference it makes. Light or no light, their being fat is the last thing on our mind when you know they are, well, taking them off!

In case you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, stop! The ex here is not the one in the last post {grin grin ..multiplicity never killed the dog}! Which makes me realize I’m writing a lot about ’em lately! Damn its the city’s fault! You go to family places like PBN, and these snuggling couples are there too, water poloying in each others’ eyes with a strawberry cake between them! Being single is a curse for a man these days, and I was in the company of seven more! Talk about community humiliation! Now irrespective of the fact that PBN serves like the best Indian food in the city [as also pricey!], and that I would award them 9.7 on 10 for the service time and personnel, and that I ate more than I do in my hostel mess in a week, I’m still a maniacal beer lover!

Which took us to TGIF next, and while the rest ordered desserts, two of us had our poison – Heineken with special-filter Benson lights! After all, there have to be ‘men’ in any group {wicked grin}, particularly in a place like that where women, aged 16-50, indiscriminately smoke and booze [and occasionally schmoooccchhh], as those cowboy-styled valets hop around in the reverie of hot women and rock music!

And somethings not right with the people of South Delhi. I mean is ‘The Namesake’ really the kind of movie that all these aunties and uncles have to watch, and such desperation that it was going house-full even after ten days! The movie is by the way, brilliant! Mira Nair sure tickles the right chords, and the right bones!

And I’m pretty much convinced that I can never be bored. I’ve been stuck in hostel, with not a soul on my floor, and am loving all the solitude. Going to sleep when its daylight in my balcony, I’m enjoying this shift in my biological cycle. And read ‘In The Name of Honour’ by Mukhtar Mai in the span of last night. Again, finishing a book in one day makes me feel so good about myself: that I’m still useful!

Hmmm ..looks like writing is not too much of a pain after all {happy grin}…


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