I need sleep. I write rather!

October 2, 2007 § 7 Comments

Ok. Something doesn’t make me too happy right now. Now having just said that, I understand I might have as well said something makes me sad right now! Good. It must be one of that optimism preaching ‘the-glass-is-half-full’ type idea. Or perhaps that thing doesn’t entirely make me sad. We’ll see.

The point is I’m a simple man. I like it when the world concurs with my way of life, and stays happy with me. That implies I appreciate coherent conversations and lucid statements/opinions. Now if some of you do not like the way I look with the glasses I’ve been advised to wear while reading (now since I can’t remember putting them on every time I pick a book, or turn the computer on [the one man-made device that practically ruined me], I end up donning them all the time I’m awake), kindly say it. Clear and precise. You see the idea of interpreting your cryptic arguments often troubles me. I could effortlessly construe encouraging substance out of your (perhaps) slander opinions, but the darker side of the universe if a great deal more beguiling. And since I’m a hapless worrier thanks to the sun sign, you must bear with me to realize thinking can hurt me. Particularly if it’s about the impression I make on people. More specifically, if you judge the way I look. Now I’m certainly not overtly finicky about my appearance etc, but I fail to understand why my little world in aggregate refuses to accept the fresh look! I mean they’re just bloody glasses. People wear them. It’s not forbidden in this world!

You don’t have a choice anyway. Dad said there’s little chance I’ll not need them for life now. So make your peace with this fact people. If I have, if I’m in resignation with the realisation that hugging people would be half fun now knowing you might stick the frame into his/her ear, that you can’t wash your face as frequently as you had gotten used to with free water running around all the time, that the bed won’t be the same again if you forget to take them off and attempt to roll leisurely on it, then you must do that too.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to bitch about bitchiness. But yeah, as long as some women harmonise with the look, I can stay pleased. Men, take note, it might pay nothing to be nice, but that could well be one formidable ground to make you more likeable.

I would have gone on with the cursing had Delhi’s weather not taken a welcome about turn since this weekend! Yes. The much-loved winter is here. I don’t need to shower twice-plus a day, the rather expensive body spray can sit back sealed for the next few months, all women without fail would get a boost of loveliness, men would flaunt handsome jackets and coats, underpants would last longer, the laptop in the lap will no longer burn my balls and kill the kids, smoking shall get cooler and more desirable with some of that default winter smoke around anyway, sleep would be much more comfortable with thick layers of cotton cuddling up to you, skin would be rosier, when I can saunter jauntily with the sun out, when inexpensive tea shall be your best companion day long!

The capital is a nice place to live in. This is where my loyalties reside forever.

This is where I lost my heart.

To friends. To women. To life.


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