Taare Zameen Par. Cinema just gets better.

December 22, 2007 § 9 Comments

I love movies that can make me cry. After ‘Black’, TZP almost did it again.

I can’t write a review you could like or not. I’m just going to ask you to go and watch it. Simply that. And I’ll suggest you read this only when you’re done.

Aamir Khan is a perfectionist. And a brilliant brilliant actor. Shot in Mumbai, it doesn’t feel like a movie on a giant screen most of the times. Because by the end you realize you were a part of the showcase with the actor/director/producer all those 180 minutes. When the camera rolls at 25 centimetres to Aamir with neatly cropped hair and/or makeup etc lending that poignant expressiveness to his face, and you see a glimmer of fluid in his eyes with background music that’s composed with just the idea to make you heart wrench, well, the most natural thing is to let go. Of emotions that build up when you see a lovely kid being hated by the world for under performance: when his mother sobs after all seems hopeless with the nine year old: when expectations consume the spirit of a gifted child: when you can see the truth but you have not the strength to tear the hapless child from his misery and love him like he was your own.

Not for a moment is a tear overused. Every drop of it is natural. Every one’s a hero. Because they all feel exactly the way you do by the time the end titles roll. They knew they’d wronged somewhere. And when the kid finally gets his due, your heart reaches out to him: you just want to embrace him: and tell him how much you love him.

Dyslexia can be treated. Autism is not a curse. You and I were just fortunate.

There is a message. Go find it out.

Sometimes, it takes a movie to realize you have a kind heart.


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