An island of hybridization

September 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

A most fascinating piece I’ve read in a long long time about the island, our Island.


§ 3 Responses to An island of hybridization

  • vik says:

    Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

    The other day a friend and I were discussing why an Indian is so comfortable making prayers to the gods of religions other than his own (Bhagwaan or Allah or Jesus or what’s-in-a-name), compared to other cultures.. the only explanation I could think of was that we have a zillion gods for centuries.. and these guys appear to be quite comfortable with each other.. and so, adding another 4 or 5 to the number was not a big deal for Indians.

    Once I read an article which ridiculed some organization for saying Buddha was some n-th avtaar of Vishnu. The article made total sense to me then. But now I’d say it’s more like accepting a minority as one of us than like eating-it-up. (Though I can’t say if the organization’s intentions were as pure as my current view.)

    Makes me think wild.. Ain’t it possible that Ram and Krishna were actually Gods of different religions.. which merged into one.. and with full respect to both of them!!

  • catalyst says:

    wonderful article and the last line says perhaps as much as the rest of it………. but is it not very natural; the features of the transition, when such a traditionalist society transforms where the family and societal cohesion is still very strong. The previous generation with its virtues and beliefs had seen little of what our generation is willing to accommodate. Yet, the ties ensure that things are adapted and concealed sometimes, there is not even a point to arguments because individualistic thinking is not as entrenched as it is in west.

    Is it about protecting the culture ? Perhaps not in entirety but maybe because no body wants to start the changes from their own home, i have seen people who would advocate freedom and acceptance in many realms but when it comes to their own offspring they would rather have her/him closer to ram in virtues 😉

  • 1. Island? Am I missing something here? (Saala Geography teacher ka beta!)

    2. The article is pretty old hat, come to think of it.

    3. And I honestly don’t think the ability to compromise is always such a good thing. Our culture of compromise has resulted in us becoming ideal middlemen or slaves. We settle for mediocrity. We allow people to fuck us over, as long as it’s not complete.

    4. Mothers won’t mind their daughters sleeping around or smoking as long as they pick up those eight phone calls a day? Try that once. And why is sex a western concept? Fuck! It’s a biological process no different from sneezing or taking a shit, except it’s a whole lot more fun.

    There was a point to this comment, but I’m too psyched over the fact that I’m doing this on Chrome.

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