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October 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

I know. I’ve been a total ass these days. I realize that this space is not a Twitter substitute (OK OK. That’s the last thing about technology in this post!), nor is it the place to read your morning headlines. It’s a blog for fuck’s sake. Let me try to help this page regain some lost glory and attention.

If you are one to read news and breaking news online, not necessarily about dozen times a day like me, I suppose you do erroneously surf the Times of India’s website at times. And so if you have a keen eye, you would have noticed this minor addition to the tabs in the top right snippet corner, the section titled ‘HotKlix’. It demands nothing of your imagination and intelligence with respect to what the links could contain. The primary objective is to cater to the lecherous amongst us, very many by that classification and thus the revenue model is perfectly in place, so to barely preclude an anxious parent’s lawsuit against the obtrusive immorality being served on these pages, the smart guys throw in lots of popular and very relevant news items as well. It is anybody’s guess that once you actually land up on the website, Nicolas Sarkozy is nobody and Wall Street is nowhere while Kim Kardashian with the same size bust and butt is the person of the moment and the next moment. Right now, two of their four top headlines are about a $5 million bra (wonder by Jove!) and a sizzling hot desi model on the ramp.

I have also lately taken a fancy to reading quotes of all kinds from all sites. I wouldn’t hold back how I feel about it. I think it’s a very intelligent habit. I just have to try and remember some of them. Although I wonder if the authors just happened to say them in the middle of a conversation with a person nobody remembers or did they actually thought hard for hours or months about what to say when and to whom about what, with a singularity of purpose before sending a bunch to add to an ongoing compilation. If it was Shakespeare or Einstein then I’d understand: for one it was a job and the other had more brains than thousands of me combined. How they did it, doesn’t matter. It’s the other comparatively insignificant lot but significant in number I’m worried about. Basically, a thing I once said in passing that really made sense to one of you or cracked you up so nicely that you wished you had more holes in your body, could it ever graduate to a celebrated quote? Probably I’m all desperate to get famous, and clearly not in the right way(s).

I came home yesterday to find my sister reading ‘You are here’ by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan. Yes. Her. eM. The Compulsive Confessor. The girl with a blog that continues to raise eyes, among other things, you know. I mean who gets a tattoo marginally above her hip and puts a tantalizing digital display of that seductive art up on the web! With this tiny hint, I think it’s easier to understand why some publisher scrambled at her feet to put together a book with content right off her wildly famous blog. I must actually tell you how she once replied, yes, responded one-on-one to a comment I’d left on one of her posts. This was about the time when I’d just started my own blog and was heavily into randomizing on the Internet in search of people to blogroll and hence comment. I can also tell you how for that entire day I was aroused in a non-sexual sort of way. Such was/is the spell of the sorceress. Anyway, back then I was yet to meet any of the girls who would soon be my girlfriends, and Meenakshi was just too fascinating. Later however her bubble burst. I found her on an NDTV show, and what I saw would strongly tell me her life couldn’t possibly be as explosive as it sounds in print. I hope she finds me out someday and takes me for a reality check ride to Turquoise Cottage. I shall introduce the new Wills Classic Verve to her if she hasn’t smoked it already while she gulps her shots down and in her half-intelligent situation I would finally tell her how I think she’s outrageously overpriced.

Next week post Diwali I have a couple of my (still rich) investment banker pals from London and Hong Kong visiting. Yes I do have friends in all the right places. I see lots of good food and drinks in my immediate future. Plus lots of talking and talking of subprime and American accent and IIT and common friends and Chinese skin and living costs in England and girlfriends that are and that were and that could have been and that should have been and that could never be and that could still be.


UAC. You can’t annoy me!

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Windows Vista users absolutely want this.

Thirteen years to recount Holocaust

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The Jews are undoubtedly a race,
but they are not human.

Adolf Hitler

Thanks Shivam, for introducing me to Maus: A Survivor’s Tale.

For your eyes only!

October 14, 2008 § 2 Comments

I totally dig aestheticism around my self. And that’s the sole reason I downloaded Picasa 3. The bundled photo viewer livens up my screen:

A snapshot of my desktop –

And how it looks in the viewer –

Life’s essential skills for the competent man

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Brains and charm are fine, but a real guy needs to know how to do the real stuff.


October 7, 2008 § 1 Comment

This has been a favorite since the last week:

Our laptops be safe

October 2, 2008 § 3 Comments

The heck get it. It’s free.

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