Life in bullets

February 21, 2009 § 4 Comments

  • I had a draft from last weekend discarded today thanks to lost relevance as the week happened. It was an astonishingly depressing read. I’m happy things change pretty quickly.
  • I just had strawberries. For someone who is hippo lazy with eating, let alone buying fruits for his constant bi-dimensional self, this was a real treat.
  • I’ve literally been living off beer and eggs for the last couple of weeks now.
  • I’ve become very particular about reconnecting with old friends and making new ones lately. That front sees good progress.
  • I’m much more of a geek now.
  • My job is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in my conscious life. As it turns out, I’m surprisingly good at what I was hired for. Pray this lasts long.
  • I got my ID done the day before. I’m so glad that I can avoid those distasteful grins from the lady at the reception who it seems finds it thoroughly satisfying for a day’s work on the job to open the doors for me. I know I’m generally smiling all the time but for the first time ever I feel this capacity is being taken undue advantage of.
  • The official addressing phrase used for me in the office is ‘Sir’. Believe me, the recession hasn’t hit me.
  • Tequila is good for even the seasoned ones. And I narrowly missed seeing someone cry yet again after a Thank God it Is Friday drinking last evening.
  • Delhi 6 sucks. The drinking mentioned above was the natural effect of having hurt our feelings as we dragged through the monstrously disastrous storyline about raamleelas and kaale bandars and communalism and unmarried beautiful girls. High quality shit. Thanks to Sonam Kapoor’s well-aligned teeth and oh-so Simone Singh-y arms and the company of some very interesting people that I survived after a sleepless night the day before.
  • I’m excited to move in to my apartment. I think it happens the coming weekend. Primarily I’m fantasizing about keeping a stockpile of beer cans in the refrigerator and hence lots of crazy parties. Someone suggested a housewarming. If you’re in Delhi, sign up in the comments section.
  • I plan to keep a wish list. For all the bankers and consultants I have for friends and everyone else who loves me.
  • I need to apply for a credit card. If you know any pesky callers, please forward my number. I realize I should have not registered on the DND registry everywhere.
  • I’m tweeting since the last week @nitinsgr. If you are on Twitter, regardless of how interesting you are, kindly let me know how to find you. Facebook and this might actually kill my blog.
  • I’ve loosened up a little on my financial strings. On the outset, I hope to drive most of it down the kitchens of some fine places to eat around the city.
  • I’m looking forward to a lot of things/events this year. One of them being having more of my IIT friends joining me here in Delhi.
  • eM has a boyfriend now. Regular.
  • The bloggers I know have lost faith in writing.
  • I was told a guy from our batch from a different hostel is a father now and looking for a job. IITians are a funny bunch.
  • I need to salsa. Start by taking classes. Two things – partner and motivation.
  • ISD must get cheaper now. Some people last a month in what it costs me a minute.
  • New Friends Colony market is visited by some of the hottest (not pretty nor charming but plain hot) girls in Delhi.

It’s time to sleep.


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