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Friends Reunited: Jen and gang’s return to big screen. Yeay.


Taare Zameen Par. Cinema just gets better.

December 22, 2007 § 9 Comments

I love movies that can make me cry. After ‘Black’, TZP almost did it again.

I can’t write a review you could like or not. I’m just going to ask you to go and watch it. Simply that. And I’ll suggest you read this only when you’re done.

Aamir Khan is a perfectionist. And a brilliant brilliant actor. Shot in Mumbai, it doesn’t feel like a movie on a giant screen most of the times. Because by the end you realize you were a part of the showcase with the actor/director/producer all those 180 minutes. When the camera rolls at 25 centimetres to Aamir with neatly cropped hair and/or makeup etc lending that poignant expressiveness to his face, and you see a glimmer of fluid in his eyes with background music that’s composed with just the idea to make you heart wrench, well, the most natural thing is to let go. Of emotions that build up when you see a lovely kid being hated by the world for under performance: when his mother sobs after all seems hopeless with the nine year old: when expectations consume the spirit of a gifted child: when you can see the truth but you have not the strength to tear the hapless child from his misery and love him like he was your own.

Not for a moment is a tear overused. Every drop of it is natural. Every one’s a hero. Because they all feel exactly the way you do by the time the end titles roll. They knew they’d wronged somewhere. And when the kid finally gets his due, your heart reaches out to him: you just want to embrace him: and tell him how much you love him.

Dyslexia can be treated. Autism is not a curse. You and I were just fortunate.

There is a message. Go find it out.

Sometimes, it takes a movie to realize you have a kind heart.


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The toughest part of my life as a blogger (tiny though) is to manufacture titles for posts i wish to produce. At times I believe that in itself is the sole counterproductive reason why I don’t/can’t write much, despite the desire to do it a lot more often than I write/you read. A lot of bloggers apparently use long titles, admitting little snippets of the content of the posts in the title itself. I can’t do that. I really can’t. I’m a concise man. Not with words in general, but everywhere my judgement instructs me for taciturnity. If I (almost) hate long titles, I would firmly believe none of my readers deserve them as well! Though with such stiff chokepoints, I find myself highly incapable of assigning apt titles for the matter I intend to write, because a lot of times I mix the content up subject-wise, or else plan to but can’t because the designated title (short & sweet) indicates a different story! Quite often I guess I’ve ended up screwing up my original ideas – by the time I finish I have a very different text compiled. And it’s not uncommon for me to have actually had to change the title once I finish writing! Damn these blog service providers! Can the title field not be the last attribute to be taken care of on the write-page! Damn!

That, by the way, gave me an idea – I’ll add another category to this blog starting from this post itself: “fuse”! Mix it up!

I have also realized that I might be getting a lot more opinionated than I used to be. I think I was decently pliant for a very long time, receptive to what the world has to say, and often consenting with the proposed wisdom. Not any more. I’m taking stands on matters of all to no importance off late. May be it’s just a (self) confidence building measure – how and why I’m even practicing it, I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. Probably it is as long as I can offer solidarity with what people have to say. I pray hard obstinacy doesn’t meddle with the good relations I have carefully acquired with most men and women I know! I will want maximum supply of goodwill before they set fire to the wood beneath!

And again I might just have finally realized that it’s good to talk to people. As in talk about myself. I’ve been kind of infamous for being a huge introvert in a very non-obvious sense. All those to whom I’m known in person, never actually say it, but dig deep down, and they understand that I’m extremely alien to them! And lately I’ve actually went ahead and told a few pals that I’m hugely misunderstood! But I think eventually it was a good thing back then. My college life I mean. Part of the reason I made great friends is that I was always available to listen. And I loved it too. I think my natural endowments lie with people. Just that I can’t really figure out how to get my real talents suitably recognized/rewarded! But anyway, the point is I’m opening up lately. May be to a very few, or may be just that one woman, but I am. And I like it. I was always the inward-looking self-questioning kind. But the sweep of that exercise was limited to myself for all these years. Robertfrust once told me that it’s good to let your guard down now and then. I think I understand it today. Thanks man.

And in all likelihood, this would be the last I’ll be writing from Bangalore/Bengaluru (official baptism in a week I think). Two months were well spent here. I’m not always kind to people/things/places/events and can be dead critical at times (the stars failed me ..I didn’t ask for Virgo!). But I think I’ll cut it some slack, despite the most harrowing traffic on roads I think I’ll see in my entire life, the ear-wrenching, teeth-clacking sound of Kannada, life stopping dead after 11 PM, and the chill it gave me by the nights! The rest is pretty damn good. A shopper’s paradise. Autos by meter. A lot of good-looking women (ok am sorry about the last critical post on the subject. Yes they exist, if you know the right places). But am still surprised at the terrific gradation we have in terms of female beauty here. There are incredibly well-dressed love-at-first-sight stimulating kind, as also 80’s Bollywood’s horror women lookalikes! Anyway, the weather is just awesome. The movie industry here is plain huge by any standards. Bollywood has always had competition in little dwarfs of vernacular cinema, but South Indian cinema is formidable. I got used to watching TV here (more out of joblessness than choice), and these channels certainly managed to kick me in the shins (not the balls sorry ..even the idea of writing that hurts)! They have their own versions of ‘laughter challenge’, ‘Koffee With Anu’, and not to forget, the steamy movies, which by the way, make me throw up – how can a real fat bulbous woman, fat as in skin popping out from everywhere it can, with her Guinness category bosom, and thunder thighs, and most ugly-fitting inner-wear, sexually turn on anyone! It’s just gross! And are there no good-looking men in this part of the country? Not once, you bet, not once did I see a good on-screen pair on the dozens of alien-language channels (Rajnikanth is not handsome please). A black, thick-mustached, frizzy haired man (actor ..cough-cough), that huge pink tongue sticking out all the time, with a rather angelic (in relativity) woman in minis, and executing a blind-would-ROTFL incredibly funny dance routine, is like a beastly act. A King Kong chiseled out in human form with Naomi Watts! Yuck-yuck!

And my Orkut-demolition continues. I’ve finally managed to exactly half the number of friends, without losing much on the fan front. It looks good now. Nothing Herculean about it anymore. I think I like a stripped profile, while everywhere around me orkut explodes. Just a year back my ex had started the Vh1 community, and she has like a seven thousand members now. I tell you, Orkut’s a phenomenon, and this world’s getting dangerously addicted. I’m trying to break free perhaps. I’d rather get OCD’ed to things more valuable, rich in intellectual content perhaps. Wishful thinking.

And watched Harry Potter & blah-blah and Die Hard 4.0, back to back (multiplex was a brilliant idea). HP was disappointing, nothing really happens (of course not in the book as well, but come on it’s a movie ..make it grand). There’s a very very cute (if you know me, you know I don’t use this word too often when I do, assume the subject is seriously attractive) presence (not Dolores Umbridge of course ..she’s really bad I’m telling you times I too felt like swinging her by the hair, or sentence her to be trampled under an elephant’s feet, or pieced apart in a shredder). Once she appeared, I think I sat through the entire movie anticipating her appearance every now and then. But pigs don’t fly you see. I was watching a children’s movie. My kinky ideas were forbidden for those 140 minutes! And no one kindly tell me Bruce Willis’ age. This man gives me a real complex with his manliness. Sheer testosteron-ic force of masculinity! Ended the day at Pizza Hut, which by the way reminds me – if you’re a woman even remotely interested in me, you should start now with Pizza-making. The ubiquitous idea of the way to a man’s heart etc etc is applicable in my case exclusively with smoking-hot deliciously-soft pizzas. And if you are reading this, I mean you you, then don’t bother: eating is the last thing on my mind when with you!

And now this looks like a fairly long post, and should shut up all you who pick me apart on not writing frequently. Good chance that I won’t be writing for some time now (work, travel, home, love etc etc reasons you see), so every time you come back here and find no new post, I request you to re-read this once again, easy and slow – and you are free to comment if you come across any new idea you would have missed in the last read. (Damn! I can be an annoying narcissist)! And Reeta, my apologies, but I have the tag at the back of my mind.

So long, gentlemen, gentlewomen.

eat/drink, read and be merry

April 8, 2007 § 32 Comments

I wonder if writing is turning too much of a pain for me off late. I mean I’m so not running out of things to tell ..

Like last week when we went to this swank restaurant “Punjabi By Nature” in Vasant Vihar. Frankly speaking I wasn’t very keen on this place, considering that it was competing with A. D. Singh’s “Olive Kitchen and Bar”. In case you haven’t heard of the latter place and the person, I suggest you subscribe to The Times Of India. These people splash the who’s who and the where’s what of this city on page 3, and they do it well. Additionally, if you’re one with a taste for bizarre humor, then TOI is just perfect. Like the other day I was reading about this study done by some group regarding how most women feel shy to strip in front of their spouse, the unwillingness arising from the [oh dear God] ‘I’m fat’ paranoia! Kinda funny I think. And somewhat true probably. I remember my ex had certain reservations about undressing under the light! Though I really don’t understand what difference it makes. Light or no light, their being fat is the last thing on our mind when you know they are, well, taking them off!

In case you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, stop! The ex here is not the one in the last post {grin grin ..multiplicity never killed the dog}! Which makes me realize I’m writing a lot about ’em lately! Damn its the city’s fault! You go to family places like PBN, and these snuggling couples are there too, water poloying in each others’ eyes with a strawberry cake between them! Being single is a curse for a man these days, and I was in the company of seven more! Talk about community humiliation! Now irrespective of the fact that PBN serves like the best Indian food in the city [as also pricey!], and that I would award them 9.7 on 10 for the service time and personnel, and that I ate more than I do in my hostel mess in a week, I’m still a maniacal beer lover!

Which took us to TGIF next, and while the rest ordered desserts, two of us had our poison – Heineken with special-filter Benson lights! After all, there have to be ‘men’ in any group {wicked grin}, particularly in a place like that where women, aged 16-50, indiscriminately smoke and booze [and occasionally schmoooccchhh], as those cowboy-styled valets hop around in the reverie of hot women and rock music!

And somethings not right with the people of South Delhi. I mean is ‘The Namesake’ really the kind of movie that all these aunties and uncles have to watch, and such desperation that it was going house-full even after ten days! The movie is by the way, brilliant! Mira Nair sure tickles the right chords, and the right bones!

And I’m pretty much convinced that I can never be bored. I’ve been stuck in hostel, with not a soul on my floor, and am loving all the solitude. Going to sleep when its daylight in my balcony, I’m enjoying this shift in my biological cycle. And read ‘In The Name of Honour’ by Mukhtar Mai in the span of last night. Again, finishing a book in one day makes me feel so good about myself: that I’m still useful!

Hmmm ..looks like writing is not too much of a pain after all {happy grin}…

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